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Manly Concerns: Discussion on the Decline of Testosterone and Obesity Have you executed all things in the goal of losing weight? There are men and women who, even with their greatest work, feel getting rid of excess weight as the most difficult task of their lives. Sometimes even with the help of weight reducing drugs available out there, still there are those who don’t succeed. Even though these so-called diet drugs claim to get rid of the fats, men and women nowadays are getting to be cautious about its consequences due to the fact that not every drug are made with similar effects and not all of them are harmless. This gains advantage to workout. Albeit exercise is a safe and natural way to lose weight, not everyone has the time to do it. Then there’s diet. But, not everyone has the patience to wait to see results. As an effect, they succumb to unhealthy dieting. They go a day without food or only liquids to stuff their stomachs. While this can support your goal to lose weight, it is might only be beneficial for a short span of time.
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Now here’s something new. There are ample of scientific researches shown on the web that testosterone therapy can aid you to lose excess fat and maintain it. Did you know that low level of testosterone relates to obesity based on some scientific studies? Studies reveal that obese men who were given testosterone shots actually lost weight a significant amount of weight. After five years of the therapy, these gentlemen shed approximately 35 lbs not to mention their BMI to drop as well. After receiving such therapy, these men moved from obese to overweight. Moreover, they also noticed the beneficial result in their triglyceride levels. And also, these gentlemen also felt a lowered blood pressure.
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The outcomes of such related studies astounded a lot of medical professionals that they are many are now starting to prescribe testosterone to their clients. You see, as men grow older their testosterones drop especially when they reach the age of 40 to 50. And apart from the increase in weight which is quite prevalent among middle-aged men, reduced energy, easy fatigability, and probably lowered sexual drive is typical. Testosterone treatment method may also help handle these kinds of issues. Obese individuals need to shed off weight to be healthy. If you do not have the time or just lazy to do exercise and if you do not like the idea of dieting, then the hormone testosterone method might be the best for you. Only be sure to seek professional advice from a qualified medical doctor for this kind of weight loss method.

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